November Meeting

Sam Davies gave us an intriguing glimpse into life on his 2-acre smallholding in Shropshire.

Sam and his wife Kate – known as Tom and Barbara from ‘The Good Life’, have been self-sufficient in fruit and vegetables for the past 19 years. Both work part time whilst keeping chickens, geese, goats, bees and tending their allotment area, orchard and woods at their south facing former sheep shed home.

They store 50%  of their produce along with drying, pickling, freezing and preserving; they also make cider, apple wine, kombucha, honey and beeswax polish.

Sam is a passionate composter and advocate of the ‘no dig’ method so mulches his beds and makes his own potting compost.  They capture and use only rain water, burn their own wood, make cheese with their goat’s milk and have a novel way of baling hay!

Sam’s talk was delivered with spade loads of hints and tips and a liberal sprinkling of humour.

With all this work and giving talks, life is busy for Sam and Kate but let’s hope they find time to write the book they hinted at.

Sam Davies with home produced honey