Upcoming Event

Don’t miss the Garden Club scarecrow

outside no 81, High Street

 September 3rd and 4th as part of the Scarecrow Trail

Change of Speaker

Our speakers on Tuesday 13th September will now be

Pete Welsh and Kraig Day from Tadpole Garden Village Community Gardening Society.

They will be telling us how they developed a Community Garden from scratch in a new village


5 August 2022 visit to Iford Manor Gardens

8.30 start from Cricklade in the Open Door minibus with Jon Oliver kindly driving.

Iford sits at the bottom of the Frome Valley,  just beyond Bradford-on-Avon.

We had arranged a private tour early in the morning with an excellent introduction from the current owner William Cartwright Hignett.

We learned that the house had humble origins as a wool mill and factory, and that there had been dwellings there since Roman times.

When Harold Peto discovered it as a country retreat he used it as a place to experiment with architectural design heavily  influenced by his travels abroad and particularly by Italy.

The gardens have a great sense of place and spirituality which we were able to enjoy to the full.

More prosaically the cafe’s cakes and drinks were all delicious!