November Meeting

Our November speaker was Mollie Higginson, vice-chair of the Young People in Horticulture Association. Mollie is also the sales manager of New Leaf Plants, Evesham, which specialises in the propagation and growth of Clematis.

She explained the aims of the organisation which has grown from 3 young people in horticulture to a membership of 750, all aged under 35, in a matter of three years.

The aim of the organisation is to promote horticulture as an attractive proposition for its members by providing mutual support and having 2 exciting trips each year. It also wants to promote horticulture in schools and community organisations.

Mollie asked members what was happening in Cricklade to promote horticulture. We had a fascinating interactive discussion about the avenues to promote understanding of horticulture and some of the barriers that still need to be overcome.