July 2021 Meeting

Heather Godard-Key gave a splendid talk entitled ‘Fantastic Ferns’.

Heather’s talk was packed with historical facts, horticultural advice and amusing moments.

We were told how ferns, one of the oldest groups of plants on the planet, had evolved to cope with lots of different conditions and the varied and interesting ways they reproduce.

Heather mentioned how Victorian ladies, gripped by the freedom and excitement of ‘Fern-Mania’, harvested and wiped out some rare local species, leading to the foundation of a Pteridological Society with  the aim of conserving them.

Heather recommended ferns to plant in damp and dry shade with growing tips for different soil conditions and gave advice on growing in pots.

All this information along with a tempting sales table, ensured that our first meeting in the Town Hall since March 2020 was a great success.

Heather Godard-Key


A Woodwardia with young ferns growing on top of its fronds


Part of the tempting sales table