March Meeting

At the AGM the outgoing Chair,  Anne West, was thanked for all her hard work over the last 7 years and Elizabeth (Bizzie) White was welcomed as new Chair.

During his talk, David Cropp shook soil from the base then prised, pulled, tugged and cut apart 2 full pots of Hemerocallis. He told us not to be afraid of doing the same, saying that plants are tough and can take some rough handling, but to clean equipment between dividing each plant so as not to transfer diseases.

As a rule of thumb he suggested there should be no more than twice the height of plant above ground as roots below and to trim if necessary.

He encouraged us to make our own compost by adding lots of grit to bought compost and soil so it’s not too rich and has an open texture to aid drainage, he also said that it is a good idea to mix our own garden soil with that from the pot of a new plant.

David also advised that, if having a problem growing a plant in a certain spot to dig deeper and investigate what is below the roots.

Those who wanted, went home with a bagged and labelled, potted division of Hemerocallis ‘Chicago Sunrise’; a day lily with large sunshine yellow flowers – now that’s something we could all do with right now!