Some photos to show what is looking good in the garden this month

The sumptuous petals of Paeonia x festiva ‘Rubra Plena’
A ball of a bloom from Allium purple sensation
Pretty white flowers on long stems, Libertia grandiflora
Silvery leaves and the palest flowers on Teucrium fruticans
Allium (Nectaroscordum) ‘Tripedale’, a lovely soft pink
Thalictrum flaunting its fluffy flowers
Dryopteris ‘Wallichiana’ is still unfurling its monkey-like fronds
Paeonia delavayi f. lutea shining in dappled shade
Narcissus poeticus recurvus is still looking gorgeous in the grass
Veronica gentionoides provides a touch of blue in the border
Disporum longifolium ‘Night Heron’ looking like it could flap its wings and fly off with its buds
The long finger-like buds of the beautiful blue Amsonia tabernaemontana

The photos below were taken at the beginning of the month

Dainty lady’s smock, cuckoo flower or Cardamine pratense
Cowslip, Primula veris – a male flower with visible stamen
cowslip – female flower with the top of the stigma visible
The very pretty Clematis ‘Mayleen’
Tulipa ‘Honky Tonk’, a soft yellow with a hint of pink has been beautiful this year
A double wood anemone, Anemonoides nemorosa with shy spider
The graceful wood avens, Geum rivale
Greater celandine, Chelidonium majus with lovely hairy buds
A bee enjoying a red campion bloom, Silene dioica
Darmera peltata rising with the shuttlecock ferns, Matteuccia struthoipters
The beautiful perennial honesty, Lunaria rediviva
Valeriana pyrenaica is just opening its soft-pink flowers
The gorgeous coppery-pink bloom of Geum ‘Bell Bank’
Camassia Leichtlinii caerulea adding the blues to the meadow